Denim Deal of the Day

by Jaime on June 22, 2009

Want to get into my good graces? I would KILL someone for these. And I’m not kidding. They’re so lovely.

Today, courtesy of Denim Bar, is the Genetic Denim Recessive Cigarette Zip in Onyx. The price they’ve got on it is, honestly, good enough at only $59.00 (marked down from $198.00).

But, it gets better!

Use the coupon code “SummerFling” to get an extra 30% off. That puts the price at… oh, $41.30.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is almost 80% off. :)

So, snatch up a pair (and grab an extra 26 for me, pretty pretty please! I’ll tell you wear to send them!) and let me know if you love them!


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