Denim Brand Review: Current/Elliott

by Jaime on June 17, 2009

Emily Current and Merritt Elliott know their jeans.

I mean it. They do. Dismiss the fact that they’re Hollywood-based stylists-cum-designers. Forget that their jeans are being worn by every fashionable starlet in LA… unless you want to remember that they probably bought them and weren’t gifted them. Ignore how much they cost… for a second, at least.

Focus on the amazing quality. It takes a special breed to make a really, really well-done distressed denim, and even more to make a high-quality vintage style that will fit. These are jeans you could live in. Easily.

A newer brand, Current/Elliott started when Emily and Merritt would show up to photo shoots and have their clients begging for a pair of the jeans that they made for themselves.

They’re the Alternative Denim Queens at this exact moment, and they keep getting better, which I suppose isn’t too hard of a feat for a brand that’s only been around for less than a year. Their Deadstock Line is coming soon (one which I’m really, really excited about, especially since the prices are a bit lower than their normal retail) and they’re doing so many new, daring things.

Downsides: Cost and Fragility. They’re really only recognizable by people who know denim, so being too trendy is actually not a huge problem (unless you run straight to the boyfriend jeans…) and you can wear them without feeling like a celebphile. They do, however, run at the medium/high end of the cost spectrum. Retail prices usually hover around the $220 area. If you’ve got that to drop, go for it… but last season is on sale currently. Hunt it down and find it.

And you do need to be careful with them. Distressed, vintage denim. Kind of explains it all, don’t you think? I’ve worn my pair upwards of 10 times and they’re still in great shape. Treat them well and they’ll treat you (and your backside) well too.

Fit: They run large. At least one, if not two sizes, and I’m not exaggerating. Size down for a better fit. I like just going one size down so they still look casual and looser without absolutely falling off… but most of their styles (if not all) require a belt. Grab a good one.

So, I guess what I’m saying is give Current/Elliott a try if you like the vintage-y style. It’s definitely got my seal of approval.


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