A Denim Debutante's Inspiration

by Jaime on June 17, 2009

I’ve got a certain… taste when it comes to denim. I like what I like.

Here are my inspirations for the moment:

C. I know this sounds silly, but he’s a huge inspiration… and sometimes in a really humorous way. Sometimes, if he’s on the fence, I KNOW I should get it. Some of the items I’ve purchased (the J Brands in Sea, for one) were things that he was not sure about. It’s pretty much a sure sign that I’m going to love them.

The end of basic flare jeans. They’re over. Get a super flare or go straight legged. I like them in a nostalgic way, but they really are so 1997 (did I just pull that year out of my ass? Why yes. Yes, I did.) and there are so many amazing fits, styles and options. Get out of your comfort zone… especially if it doesn’t look that great on you to begin with.

Friends. One girlfriend of mine in particular, A., has virtually the same taste in clothing as I do. I have a tendency to bounce ideas off of her. And if she drools, I know I should probably snag it. A lot of my other friends have garnered some pretty decent denim selections on their own (whether I’ve had a part in that or not I’m unable to say) and sometimes, just knowing what they love helps me decipher what I love (or what I really, really disagree with them about!).

Music. Right now, I’ve gotten back into listening to Pandora (and Wilco’s Handshake Drugs is making me swoon), but I came back to life thanks to KEXP (Seattle Public Radio, check it out). You know how sometimes you just get into a funk that seems impossible to break free from? That’s absolutely how I was all last month. May was rough. But the idea about this blog came from me coming back to life… and a little faith from C.

Anger. I’ve been so frustrated with so many things lately, and so many things I can’t even vent about. Needed to channel them into something. Thanks, denim.

Brands that Don’t Know Shit About Denim… and yet try to make a denim line. They’re so bad they’re good, and not the good kind of good, but the ridiculously pathetic, lame and scary good. So, not really good at all. I would rather have H&M jeans, because at least they’re honest. They’re not masquerading around, trying to pretend to be “high-end” or “quality”. They’re throw-away items. And I don’t really buy throw-away denim. In this recession, there’s no need to. Wait for a fucking sale… get something worthwhile. I might be a snob in thinking that a pair of jeans that retail under $100 are cheap, but my experience tells me they are. I don’t care how many celebrities wear them, they’re still shit.

Coco Rocha. No idea why. I just want to be her even though it frightens me that she’s like 19.

So that was a weird mix of ranting and inspiration. Didn’t really expect that, but we’ll go with what we have.


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