A Denim Debutante's Beginning

by Jaime on June 7, 2009

This blog is about more than denim. It’s about one girl’s (that’s me) unwavering love for all things fashion.

Most of that tends to float into the denim-esque direction. I’m a 23-year-old recent college graduate who works for an online fashion site… and no, I won’t be promoting it here. That’s my job there.

Where does this blog come in then? Beyond it offering me a little respite from the daily workday, it’ll give me a chance to decipher the latest trends my own way. Sometimes that might be a little brash, or a little too loving (I fear for the moment that you must listen to me rave on about my J Brands) but it will always be true. I get no incentive one way or another to lie about a brand… and that will never change.

Stick with me. I’ll explain to you how it is that I became so obsessed with denim (and really, all things fashion related), how it affects my relationship with my amazing boyfriend, C., and why you should be just as obsessed as I am.



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