A Denim Debutante is Born: Phase One

by Jaime on June 11, 2009

It’s no mystery that I love denim. But where did that love come from?

I guess I’m an all-or-nothing kind of girl. That’s how I ended up in a lot of the troublesome situations I was in when I was younger… but it doesn’t always pan out as a bad thing. This happens to be one of those cases where it wasn’t all bad (except maybe for my wallet. My credit score, however, is flourishing. Who would’ve thought?!?).

I’m 23 now… and I easily have enough pairs of jeans to go a couple of months between laundry cycles (this does not include my tops, tanks, dresses, etc). I’m not saying this is healthy or normal… but, as addictions go, this is a sweet, innocent one. And it keeps me from running around nude, which is always a plus.

My current primary denim addiction? J Brands. I’ve run the gamut, gone from a 28 to a 25 and every size in between (I’m now sitting comfortably between a 25 and 26, more often on the higher end of those two) and every single brand that you could think of. I’ve fallen in and out of love with 7 for All Mankind denim about twice, Citizens for Humanity once, James Jeans…. well, I’ve never EVER fallen out of love with James Jeans.

Either way, just like any addiction, you go through phases.

Phase one: The Honeymoon. You can’t get enough of this one pair of jeans (right now, these are the afore-blogged about J Brand “The Deal” Skinny in Sea). You want to wear them everyday, but they’re kind of distinctive so it’s probably not the best idea in the world. Still, you squeeze them into your denim regimen which, if you work from home like me (or are rocking the college student life), is your everyday wardrobe… when you actually get dressed for the day. You don’t want to wash them because they fit you perfectly… but even when you do wash them, they STILL fit you perfectly.

They are, essentially, your perfect jeans.

… at least, for the moment.

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