You’re probably asking how it is that I got started in fantasy football, and I wish it was a cooler story than it is. Honestly? It was because of a guy. My husband, Cameron, was (and still is) a big football fan. Of course, he was a Lions fan, so he spent a lot of time depressed and despondent. So, he did what any normal person would do: he made his own team.


I actually won my first year ever playing. Maybe it was luck, but I’d like to think it was a combination of things:

-       Decent drafting (not good or great. It was decent, at best.)

-       Great waiver pickups

-       Playing the free agency game intelligently

-       And a little luck. Okay, a lot of luck.

I’ve also blown really hard. That was a combination of bad luck (my first two draft picks hit injured reserve (IR) before the fourth week and I had a terrible schedule of head-to-head options), bad drafting and just overall dumb moves.

From all those wins and losses, there are three core things I’ve learned. If you don’t read anything else in this book (and I seriously hope you do. I mean, don’t quit on me now!), these are the things you NEED to take from the story:

  1. Do your research.
  2. Play a mock draft.
  3. Never get comfortable.

Why the hell should you listen to me? I’d love to give you some scientific reason, but fantasy football, like all games, is a bit of chance and a bit of talent. I can help you get through the bullshit (without giving you any more. Pinky promise.), the scheming competitors, the fancy tips and get down to the core of the game. And, after all, a lot of it goes back to those three core things.


fantasy football writer jaime palmucci


Maybe you watch it. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you scream at your television, pleading for some good calls from those goddamn refs.

Oh, just me? Yeah. That’s cool.

I’m just your normal, everyday girl. I guess. I love puppies, pretty dresses and pass protection. My name is Jaime, and I live in Denver.

I’m a Patriots fan by birth and family inheritance, and a football fan in general. I remember sitting in the living room listening to the men in my family curse at the static-covered television screen, screaming for an extra three yards. It never made sense, and I never got why they were so angry. Now, I get it. Maybe more than I’d like.

So, I guess I’d say that the real initiation into giving a shit about fantasy football is giving a shit about football in general. But for some people, including many girlfriends of mine, it went the other way around. After all, if you need to keep track of the game to make sure that you are staying on top of your roster, you will learn to start loving – and hating – the game.

As for me? I’ve drafted two kickers in the same league (I was drunk. Really drunk.). I’ve drafted all three WRs from the same team (on purpose, though I dropped two of the three by the fourth week). I’ve won. I’ve lost. I’ve had really embarrassing blowouts where I may have wanted to quit. And I’ve stuck around to see the team come back.

Hell, one time I pulled a Seattle (a la Hasselbeck years), going 5-6 in the regular season and going on to beat a 10-2 team to win the championship. So, if there’s any one thing I can share with you, it’s that the season isn’t over till it’s over. You can always come back for more.

(Which is exactly what you need to do to catch the next installment.)


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